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The High Point Design Center is a non-profit, membership-based organization whose members share an interest in establishing High Point as an invaluable resource for the design trade throughout the year. Annual membership dues are used to administer and market our organization and plan special events to engage the design community. We, at the High Point Design Center, welcome and encourage new membership to enhance our offering to designers and to help you grow your business. Our members enjoy a long list of benefits, some of which are outlined below:

  • Listing on the High Point Design Center web site visited by thousands of designers every month.
  • Access to our proprietary list of registered designers for your own marketing and business development purposes.
  • Participation in Second Wednesday Designer Day and larger quarterly events as planned.
  • Referrals from other member showrooms.
  • Showroom 101: personal and professional development opportunities.

Annual Membership Fee:  $500

If you are interested in joining High Point Design Center please complete our membership application below, and someone from our membership committee will get in touch with you in a timely fashion.

Member Benefits


A review of our Board’s years of service has proven our theory that the guidance of influential industry and community leaders would strengthen our organization and move us towards our long-term goal of turning High Point into a true Design Center. Our Board supports us as we work to increase our membership, solicit funding from government sources and foundations, produce quality events, market the High Point Design Center, and never miss an opportunity to improve.

WEB PAGE LISTING: Each member showroom  has their own page with product images, contact information, and directions to their showrooms. There is a direct link to each showrooms website. The showrooms  have control over the content information on their page. The website features an annual calendar and showroom events, promotions and sales.


Advertising opportunities are offered to our members on our website for $750.00 as a featured showroom.


HPDC maintains an impressive mailing list of targeted designer names. The list continues to grow from our website, event attendees and submission for members. We are working diligently to increase the number and  accuracy of email addresses. All member have immediate access to the list completely free of charge as often as they desire. It is for the use of the members only and will not be sold or shared.


The Second Wednesday of each month (excluding market months and July) is designated for all of our members to be open and staffed. We may opt to expand this into a two day event on occasion. Throughout the year our events are planned and coordinated to promote designer traffic. We have and will continue to partner with organizations and companies in the industry to promote events and the High Point Design Center – all to increase visits to High Point. Current standing events are Unity for Design (our premier event) in the first quarter, a summer event and Designer Appreciation Day in the fall. Designers are always encouraged to visit and shop all member showrooms. Each event is featured on our web site, and promoted with email blasts to our designer mailing list. Members are asked to promote each event as well, and benefit by increased visits, feature speakers, networking dinners, activities in showrooms, sales, etc.


We have created and incorporated the High Point Design Center Foundation. A student design competition, Unity in Style,  was established through the Foundation to residential interiors design students in the southeast. We provide a virtual space to be designed by the student entrants using only product from at least  30 of our members. Winners are selected by a team of designers. Scholarships are awarded to the three winners and all entry boards are on display at the Awards Reception.  We include students in our designer events and encourage them to participate and network with designers.


Member showroom managers meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month to discuss ways to increase designer traffic, including events, and to share information and conduct the business of HPDC. Managers refer designers to other member showrooms in order to assist them in finding the specific item their client needs. Brochures and member listings are available in each showroom for the designers use. Hosting a meeting gives other managers the opportunity to become familiar with your product. When designers express a specific need for product, their inquiry is shared with all members for response. Because of the ease of finding what they are searching for, this is one of our customers’ favorite avenues of assistance. It has also put showroom managers in touch with new designers.


We work closely with all design professional organizations. Our member showrooms take part in trade shows, chapter meeting, events and hosted parties. We have a membership at the String and Splinter, allowing showroom managers to take or send designers to a nice close-by facility for a Dutch treat lunch. We work closely with hotels to provide designer discounts for off-market visits to High Point. We also consult with the Market Authority for all opportunities to work together. The High Point CVB assists us with our events, often provides grant funding, and advises us along the way. The Chamber of Commerce supports our efforts, and the Bienenstock Furniture Library often offers their help and participates in our activities when possible. 


We offer an evening of internal training and mentoring for showroom personnel. This event is well received, particularly by new showroom managers, and is an opportunity to share tips for personal growth and success, as well as the mechanics of how to make a showroom successful. 

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